Our Team & Values

Thoughts from our team members:

“What I like the most about working for CritiTech is the way our team perseveres through all the small daily obstacles to get the large goals accomplished.”

“I am so happy to be working in a field where I can make a real difference in the lives of cancer patients”

The best part is during all of this growth, we’ve been able to keep the same customer-focused experience that keeps me engaged. This makes me feel like a customer’s success is my success and motivates me to face new challenges every day.”

“It has been a great experience to be a part of a team that is so passionate about the work we are doing.”

The team I work with really connects and works together to meet our company goals and clients’ needs. It is a company full of people passionate about their work.

Our mission is to help our customers and partners develop and manufacture pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices that improve the quality of lives of patients.

Our Values


We always honor our commitments and choose to “do the right thing” every time.


Each employee treats our financials as their own. We take pride in doing more with less.


Our story began with creativity, and our success is built upon with imagination, cleverness and intelligence.


Our team functions as one unit with one purpose, and we promote productivity through collaboration with our partners.

Customer- Focused

We exist because of and for our customers. Surpassing their expectations is the standard.


Our culture is based upon honesty, candor and dignity. We value everyone’s contributions.


We prioritize performance and measure ourselves to ensure success and quality for our customers.


We believe our work, through our customers products, can change the lives of patients and make the world a better place.

Quality of Life

We promote a healthy balance between work and personal lives, supporting our families and communities.


We commit to learn from challenges and set-backs and strive for continued improvement and growth.