Inhalation Treatment of NSCLC

NanoPac® Inhalation Treatment of NSCLC in a Nude Rat Orthotopic Lung Cancer Model

Background: NanoPac® is patented submicron particle paclitaxel in stable powder form without coating or carrier agents. In a previous PK study, healthy male rats inhaled a single exposure of nebulized NanoPac® (0.37 mg/kg or 1.0 mg/kg) or IV Abraxane® (5.0 mg/kg) with a final necropsy time-point at 14 days. T1/2 of NanoPac® and Abraxane were 56hrs and 20hrs with drug present at 14 days and not after 3 days, respectively. Tissue examined from the last time point were microscopically indistinguishable from non-treated controls.