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Explore Numerous Opportunities for More Effective Drugs to Target Lungs

The Purcision™ platform enables numerous possibilities to formulate new and existing therapies into pure drug, dry powder formulations for local targeted delivery into the lungs using a DPI. Purcision is our patented supercritical precipitation (SCP) platform which produces drugs with higher concentration and controlled duration that can dramatically improve the efficacy of treatment, while limiting side effects due to systemic exposure.

The goal of focusing on reformulating oral and IV drugs for inhaled delivery can give new life to existing therapies:

  • “Off-patent” drugs, with the potential of new IP protection
  • Drugs that are nearing end of patent protection, extending their IP life
  • Branded drugs with enhanced efficacy

Inhaled Antivirals including  COVID-19

Inhaled Antibiotics

Pulmonary Therapeutics & Protectants for Chemical Warfare

Pulmonary Therapeutics & Protectants for Infectious Diseases

Respiratory Diseases (e.g. COPD, Asthma, CF)

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)

The Science

How Does Purcision Improve Respiratory Drug Development?

  • Purcision’s supercritical precipitation is different from other particle engineering technologies (CESS, RESS, spray drying, milling).
  • We can engineer unique, larger particles with the surface area of much smaller particles, or Large Surface Area Microparticles (LSAMs).
  • The larger size of the particles enables them to reside longer at the target site and provide more drug release with their higher surface area.
  • This disproportionate surface area to particle size ratio is optimal for local targeted delivery, and ideal for respiratory therapies.

The science of Purcision


Purcision for Lungs: Drug Development Pipeline

The current development pipeline demonstrates that Purcision is not a pre-clinical concept technology — it is a proven drug development platform that has taken its initial candidates through GMP manufacturing and into human studies. While some opportunities are already partnered, we continue to advance new candidates with very promising preliminary results.

In fact, capabilities of the Purcision platform have already begun to expand beyond solid tumors and lung therapies into soft tissue, pain management, medical countermeasures — the possibilities are limited only by the number of targeted therapies needed by patients.


Target Markets and Initial Respiratory Drug Development Candidates

Markets Chart

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The market for respiratory therapies in 2020 topped $90B and is only projected to grow. While treatments for diseases like asthma and COPD comprise a large share of the current market, opportunities in the lungs go far beyond typical respiratory diseases. COVID-19 shined a spotlight on the need for antivirals and antibiotics for lung treatments. Experts believe that future epidemics and pandemics will be respiratory in nature and they have concerns for pathogens that may cause antibiotic-resistant infections. The need for innovation and improved efficacy of drugs for the lungs has never been greater.

Thousands of companies are working on solutions to these challenges. Purcision has a unique opportunity to innovate therapies for the lungs, whether new or reformulated, and impact the lives of patients worldwide. We are looking for partners who are ready to change the rules of respiratory drug development.


Explore the Possibilities

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