Fill-Finish Services

Our recent facilities expansion included extending our Fill-Finish services

From early stage to clinical trials, we can complete the fill-finish process to save you time and transport.

CritiTech offers multiple technologies and services to meet customer’s solid product fill-finish needs.  We offer automated blending, manual and automated capsule filling (depending on material characteristics and number of capsules required), and manual and automated vial filling (depending upon material characteristics and number of vials required).  CritiTech has EU class C cleanrooms to conduct low bioburden fills and has experience working with multiple terminal sterilization partners if sterile products are a requirement.

CritiTech Fill-Finish Equipment

EquipmentStageMaterialCapacity Per HrNotes
Per-Fil Semi-Automated
Vial Filler
POC to Phase III GMPCytotoxic~250 vialsFills by mass,
ensuring fill accuracy
Manual Vial FillerPOC to Phase III GMPNon-Cyto~60 vialsFills by mass,
ensuring fill accuracy
Dott-Bonaspace In-Cap
Automated Capsule Filler
POC to Phase II GMPNon-Cyto~3,000
Tooling for 000-5 available
Globe Pharma Maxiblend Lab
Blender (with Intensifier Bar)
POC to Phase II GMPNon-Cyto8 quartVariety of sizes of shells for V,
bin or double cone blending