Purcision™ Inhaled Drug Development Platform

Respiratory drugs have unique challenges that we have consistently solved with Purcision.

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Our inhaled drug development platform and our team are ideally suited to develop respiratory drugs.

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Respiratory drug delivery has become a growing focal point for our team at CritiTech. It is well established that a strong correlation exists between drug particle size and its ability to remain in the lungs. If the particles are too large (~20µm), they are more likely swallowed than inhaled. If they are too small (<1µm), they will mostly be exhaled. An ideal particle size of 1-10µm can reach the alveolar sacs and be retained to provide continued effect.

Our patented Purcision supercritical precipitation (SCP) platform, guided by our expert team, has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to engineer particles for successful respiratory delivery. Purcision allows us to:

  • Enhance bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs
  • Enable improved pharmacokinetics
  • Produce low bulk-density, high surface area particles with aerodynamic properties for nasal and lung delivery that result in higher concentration and extended residency time
  • Provide more efficient dosing – pure drug with no excipients required
  • Design particles that are larger and easier to manipulate to achieve surface area and drug release characteristics for much smaller submicron particles (without the need for added excipients)

Numerous opportunities may exist to use Purcision to reformulate existing drugs into more effective inhaled formulations, including:

  • Broad-spectrum antivirals
  • Broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • Treatment of lung damage
  • Pulmonary protectants
  • Pulmonary therapeutics (pre- and post-exposure) for emerging infectious diseases

Potential Benefits Of Purcision Inhaled Drug Formulations

  • Higher drug concentration and longer duration of action in the lungs
  • Improved safety – lower and adjustable systemic exposure
  • More efficient dosing – lower dose can achieve effective concentration of drug in the lung
  • Purcision inhaled drugs are pure drug – no excipients, surfactants or coatings required  
  • More doses manufactured with less drug material
  • Ability to fine-tune particle production process to adjust dissolution rate of drugs in the lungs
  • Fast and easy administration using a dry powder inhaler
  • Improved shelf-life, temperature tolerance and transportability versus IV formulations
  • Commercial-scale production