Spray Drying (SD)

Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Services

Spray drying for pharmaceutical applications is a preferred method for creating powders from liquid formulations. These liquids are sprayed through a nozzle to create a controlled droplet size. The sprayed droplets are exposed to short bursts of hot air, evaporating them until the drugs are converted into a fine powder.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a wealth of experience, CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions is a premier spray drying company to help your company achieve optimal results. Our experience with spray drying in the pharmaceutical industry means we can help you deliver the ideal form factor for your drug.

Features of Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Our spray drying services are built upon our exceptional drug development expertise, earned by our seasoned technical team over decades in the pharmaceutical industry. We’re capable of handling various formulations, including a diverse range of materials and solvents. Here’s a quick breakdown of our contract spray drying capabilities:

  • Spray-dried dispersions – API + polymer/excipients
  • Spray-dried powders – API alone
  • Spray dry from aqueous or organic solvent systems
  • Applicable to peptides and biologics
  • CritiTech’s single pass nitrogen systems are especially advantageous for oxygen sensitive and hygroscopic compounds
  • Non-potent API (dedicated rooms, equipment, and air handling system)
  • Non-cytotoxic API (dedicated rooms, equipment, and air handling system)
  • Potent API (dedicated rooms, equipment, and air handling system) 
  • Cytotoxic API (dedicated building, equipment, and air handling system) 
  • Milligrams to hundreds of kilograms production scale
  • Fully validated cGMP equipment

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Drug manufacturers often choose our contract spray drying services because they know our experience will provide them with all the advantages of this technique for their finished products. With our GMP spray drying capabilities working for them, our clients receive high-quality pharmaceuticals that offer the optimal levels of performance in terms of bioavailability, controlled release and more. Here are just some of the ways in which spray drying can benefit your drug development process:

  • Bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble drugs (BCS Class II and IV)
  • Modified release rates of highly and poorly soluble compounds
  • Enables improved pharmacokinetics and multiple routes of delivery
  • Development of multiple formulations with grams of API
  • Scalable and reproducible
  • Can be utilized as a LCM tool for a reformulated and improved 2nd generation product
  • Conditions from Buchi B-290 or Mobile Minor systems can be transferred to CritiTech

CritiTech Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Systems



Nominal process gas flow40 kg/hr150 kg/hr
Water evaporation capacity1.0 L/hr14 L/hr
Maximum drying gas pressure220°C350°C
Approximate production scale0.25-10 g50-2000 g/hr
Aqueous processing
Multiple nozzle configurations
Volatile solvent compatible

Why Choose CritiTech?

Expertise is critical in the pharmaceutical business, and you want to be sure that the spray drying contract manufacturer you choose will be capable of meeting your needs. With an experienced leadership team and advanced technology behind us, we stand apart from the competition. To learn more about our full range of spray drying services and how we can help you, reach out and get in touch with us today.