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Pharmaceutical CDMO Company

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CritiTech’s expertise and approach will make sure you do.

In the world of drug development, companies have a broad range of Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) to choose from. Customers choose us to be their pharmaceutical CDMO company because of our unique particle engineering innovation and expertise as well as our demonstrated experience in delivering high-quality, on-time results. Our passion is to help our customers achieve their product development and manufacturing goals – so they can help improve the lives of people around the world.

Our array of services as a contract development and manufacturing organization spans the drug development lifecycle, from early-stage development and pre-formulation through GMP production. With our proprietary Purcision™ supercritical precipitation (SCP) technology as well as long-established drug development platforms like Spray Drying, we have the expertise and flexibility to approach customer challenges in more than one way. With more than 125 years of pharmaceutical experience, we ensure efficient resolution of formulation challenges. Our customers, including “Top 15” pharmaceutical companies, appreciate our commitment to quality as well as our collaborative culture.

Learn how our formulation and particle engineering expertise will guide your early drug formulation whether you have precise specifications or general target characteristics.

From POC to GMP, Cytotoxic or not, Potent API or not, spend some time surveying our robust Spray Drying capabilities.

See how our experience and proven proprietary technology can lead to great advances in inhaled drug formulations.

NEW IN 2021! Get the details on our recent facilities expansion including separate cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic buildings additional GMP suites and Fill-Finish capabilities.

Peruse our extensive list of analytical services available as a part of development projects or independently as you need.

Review our long and successful story of partnership with NanOlogy and its oncology drug development program.

Explore the capabilities and benefits of our proprietary drug development platform which has developed 4 drugs, 3 currently being tested in 7 Phase II trials