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Improving the Bioavailability
of Poorly Soluble Drugs

CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions uses its particle engineering technologies and expertise to help customers improve and optimize the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. It also helps improve the efficacy, pharmacokinetic (PK) profile, dosing, delivery of drugs, and reduce side effects.

Improving Bioavailability
Through Particle Engineering

CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions uses its Supercritical Precipitation and Spray Drying technologies to enable a wide range of and improved pharmaceuticals with multiple drug dosage and delivery options.

Particle Size
Surface Area
Dissolution Rate


"We will certainly look for an opportunity to work with you in the future. Your skills and work ethic are exemplary and unique..."
"Thank you for the wonderful work that you have done on this project and we look forward to continuing to work with your company..."
"The material you spray-dried for us is better than what we have received from anyone else..."
"We appreciate all the professionalism that you and your company have brought to the project..."
"We are very impressed with the technical work..."

Precipitation Technology

Having processed over 70 drugs from a variety of drug classes, CritiTech’s Supercritical Precipitation Technology has been proven to be an effective tool for solving some of the toughest solubility problems.  The technology can be helpful in advancing a promising but poorly soluble new chemical entity or as a lifecycle management strategy to provide a reformulated and improved 2nd generation product.

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Spray Drying Technology

Spray drying has gained wide-spread acceptance and support as a key technology for use in formulation and drug development. Spray drying has become the fastest growing platform used to address solubility problems, including proteins, peptides and monoclonal antibodies. It is applicable to a variety of drug delivery options as a result of the ability to produce dry powder amorphous solid dispersion API at high throughput levels. CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions offers Proof of Concept to cGMP spray drying services, including cytotoxic and potent compounds.

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Analytical Laboratory Services

To better meet the needs of our clients, CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions announces the expansion of our on-site characterization, testing and analytical services at our primary facility in Lawrence. With our expansion, we are now able to offer extensive on site capabilities to our clients to save time and money in the development of drugs.

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Why CritiTech
Particle Engineering Solutions?

  • Pre-clinical to Phase II cGMP clinical production
  • Experience producing cGMP material for 6 Phase II trials
  • Rapid project turnaround times
  • Experienced, professional and talented staff
  • Committed to complete customer satisfaction

What solubility problem can CritiTech help you solve?

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