Particle Engineering

Our particle engineering experts are ready to show you what is possible.

There is more to solving bioavailability challenges than just particle size

CritiTech combines its particle engineering experience and technologies, Spray Drying and Supercritical Precipitation, to help our clients develop their drugs and achieve their desired product profiles.  One of our key strengths is addressing the solubility and bioavailability challenges associated with poorly-soluble compounds. CritiTech’s Bioavailability Optimization Team partners directly with customers to develop innovative solutions for overcoming solubility problems. Beyond that, our customers leverage our particle engineering expertise and technologies to achieve their product specifications in several areas including:

  • Particle Size
  • Particle Shape
  • Crystalline and/or Amorphous Phase
  • Surface Area
  • Solubility
  • Dissolution
  • Flowability
  • Efficacy
  • Toxicity
  • Dosing
  • Route of Administration

Our team has incorporated JMP software to assist with our particle engineering. JMP has enhanced our design of experiments, hypothesis testing, analytic methods and reliability modeling.

Examples of Engineered Particle Shape, Size, Structure & Morphology

Modification of particle shape – this is the same drug using different processing conditions:

An array of shapes, sizes and structures can be produced – these are 8 different drugs:

Modifying morphology – this is the same drug in different processing conditions: