Collaboration to Develop Novel Inhaled Formulation of Niclosamide

CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions and Aeon Respire Announce Collaboration to Develop Novel Inhaled Formulation of Niclosamide

LAWRENCE, KS – January 25, 2022 – CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions (“CritiTech”) has entered into a strategic collaboration and licensing agreement with Aeon Respire (“Aeon”). Using CritiTech’s proprietary Supercritical Precipitation Technology (“SCP Technology”), Aeon is developing a novel, dry powder formulation of niclosamide (“SCP Inhaled Niclosamide”) for the treatment of severe asthma, COPD, viral infections including COVID-19, and other respiratory diseases.

CritiTech’s SCP Technology is a platform used to develop local, targeted drugs for multiple routes of administration, including inhalation. Inhaled drugs developed with the SCP Technology are pure drugs formulated as dry powders or nebulized suspensions that are delivered directly into the lungs to achieve much higher concentrations and much longer durations of action compared to drugs delivered systemically even when significantly lower doses are used for inhalation.

“The SCP Technology can be a very effective tool for developing safer and more effective inhaled therapies,” said Matt McClorey, President of CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions. “We are excited about our partnership with Aeon and working closely with them to develop a unique, inhaled formulation of niclosamide that will result in better patient outcomes.”

SCP Inhaled Niclosamide is pure drug with no additives or fillers and consists of aerodynamic and other physical properties optimized for inhaled delivery. “We evaluated other particle engineering technologies to develop an inhaled formulation of niclosamide but none were as well-suited as CritiTech’s SCP Technology”, said John Sullivan, President of Aeon Respire. “SCP Inhaled Niclosamide has great potential to improve the treatment of several respiratory diseases and conditions.”

Pursuant to the collaboration agreement, Aeon Respire has received exclusive rights to the SCP Technology covering SCP Inhaled Niclosamide, as well access to CritiTech’s proprietary SCP manufacturing capabilities. The collaboration agreement also supports continued, active, scientific collaboration throughout the development of SCP Inhaled Niclosamide.

About CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions
CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions is a contract development manufacturing organization committed to helping clients develop and manufacture drugs that improve the lives of patients. With extensive particle engineering expertise and a proven track record of innovation and problem solving, CritiTech can help clients overcome even the most difficult drug development challenges. CritiTech’s array of services span the drug development lifecycle, from early-stage development and pre-formulation through Phase III GMP production; and include the use of SCP Technology and drug development platforms like Spray Drying.

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About Aeon Respire
Aeon Respire, located in Newbury Park, CA, is an early-stage drug development company focused on engineering treatments for restoring airway health by targeting the core contributors to obstructive airway disease. Aeon’s lead program, SCP Inhaled Niclosamide, blocks activation-induced calcium signaling in airway cells. Blocking this pathway results in full relaxation of contracted airways via a mechanism that is both differentiated and advantageous compared to beta-agonists, the standard of care in asthma for over 50 years. SCP Inhaled Niclosamide also reduces pathologic mucus accumulation in airways that results in breathlessness and suppresses inflammation and viral infections that contribute to disease exacerbations and hospitalization. This quadruple effect is expected to produce profound benefits for patients suffering from respiratory diseases that is not adequately treated by existing medicines. SCP Inhaled Niclosamide also holds great promise as a broad-spectrum antiviral that inhibits numerous respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, and their devastating inflammatory complications.

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